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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

eBay Sucks

I just got an email from eBay claiming I violated their "About Me" page policy. Here's what they linked me to so I could see what apparent evil I had done:

I looked these pages over and it looks to me like I've violated absolutely zero of their posted policies. Now what? Well, I responded asking for clarification, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that, if anything, all I'll get is some worthless form letter and an unending run-around no matter how much I try to resolve the situation. eBay is known to be a poor communicator.

My suspicion is that the jackass that refused to complete an auction of mine he had won is still fussing over the negative feedback I gave him which he responded to with lies. I felt the need to clearly explain the truth of the matter, because I value my reputation as a fair trader, and I think being outed for his lies in my feedback has stuck in his craw ever since. Well, eBay may be able to screw me over on their site because this guy cried to them, but they can't censor me here. So, here's what was there before the eBay goon squad deleted my About Me page (Note: I made the page a long time ago and haven't done much with it so it's a bit ugly): My real eBay "About Me" page