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Monday, September 27, 2004

Flop sweat and a crushing grip

Well, I'm recovering from the TACA Fall Crafts Fair I exhibited at this past weekend. The weather was great, though it was on the hot side. Still, it refrained from raining on this event that usually sees one good downpour and maybe some gusty winds. Here's a look at one of the fine mornings my fellow artists and I enjoyed (My booth is running off on the right side of the frame):

My sales were abysmal - Half what I was confident I would make and a third what I needed to make to get to my next show without a fuss. As it is, I'm going to have to scramble to keep the bills paid and have money for motel, gas, and change for the show. I've already had the unexpected expense of having to replace the torch I use since the butane cartridges I need aren't available anywhere anymore. Then there's the fact I need a couple of sheets of pricey tool steel, some brass and nickel sheets and some brass wire among other things. About here would be where I would pimp my "Donate!" button if I had one and thought anyone even looked at this page in the first place. Oh, I also managed to break my favorite pair of pliers while finishing up a piece at the show. Curse my damned iron grip, that goof put a frown on my face.

Oh well, I got to see some folks I hadn't seen in about five years, met some great new people in my neighboring booths, saw lots of nice dogs, cute kids, and attractive ladies, as well as getting my hermit-ass outside in the fresh air and sunshine for a few days. All in all, it was worth the disappointing sales and the squint headache, I suppose.