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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Oy! My web host vanished like a thief in the night a bit over a week ago. After being with them for over 4 years, Jatol.com yanked the rug out from under me, inexplicably and without warning, leaving me hanging without website and email. Just gone - and only a few months after I had paid for another year of hosting. I was visiting with an old girlfriend and was oblivious to the carnage till days after the fact. Upon googling for some answers, I found I was not alone in boggling at the turn of events. I've finally gotten around to finding a new web host and redirecting my DNS to point to the new name servers (duh, else you wouldn't be seeing this). As to whether I'll get things back to where they were, time will tell. I have a lot of pages and images to check to make sure all is working and that the backups I've uploaded were current. Certain mail filters, htaccess settings, custom error pages, etc. I'll have to setup again also. I really didn't need this aggravation and expense on top of a glum and grumbly year. Blah! >:-P


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